House on Mango Street--Weeks 31-35

Sandra Cisneros - The House on Mango Street

Read and then Answer the following questions:

1. Explain what role Cisneros's shyness as a child played in her development as a writer.
2. According to her biography, what does Cisneros write about?
3. Identify 3 similarities between the character of Esperanza and the author Sandra Cisneros.
4. Where did Cisneros a) grow up as a child and b) move to when she became a successful author?

Read The House on Mango Street pp. 3-5

Chapter Videos: Hairs: House on Mango Street - Hair.avi -- follow along pp. 6-7

Darius & the Clouds : follow along pp. 33-34

Assignments: Chapter Questions

Questions from pp. 3-11:
Questions from pp. 12-28:
Questions from pp. 29-38:
Questions from pp. 39-64:

Questions from pp. 65-71: > Write a test with Questions and Answers in complete sentences, one question for each chapter. Include in this test one factual question and answer, one inferential question and answer, and one personal question and answer.
Questions from pp. 72-78: > Use the above format, but this time write one of each type of question for all three chapters (so you will have 9 Q & A's in total.
Questions from pp. 79-87:
Questions from pp. 88-98:

Chapter by chapter summary from Bookrags

Character Map

Use this Character Map to see who's who in The House on Mango Street


Download this document: and follow the instructions.

Alternate Assignment (to be substituted instead of answering questions for each chapter):

The House on Mango Street Journal

Instructions: If you already have used Blogger, go to your Dashboard and click on Create A Blog (and if you haven't created a Blog before, go to Blogger and click on the big orange arrow that says Create Your Blog Now.) This Blog will be an ongoing journal in which you begin a pen pal relationship with Esperanza, the story's narrator. Your entry for each chapter, must reflect a discussion the characters and events presented in each vignette. These responses are more personal than the questions for each chapter that will be handed out in class. Be sure that you give Mr. Latman your new Blogger address for your The House on Mango Street Journal assignment, and please be sure to follow the conventions of standard English grammar and spelling.

Students doing alternate assignment:

Figurative Language Revisited

Cisneros's chapters are poetic vignettes; it's more like she is presenting image poems that are impresssions of people, places and events, than telling a story or weaving a plot. Take this Figurative Language Quiz any time beyond the midpoint of the book.

Extra Credit: These assignments must be done on notebook paper in ink, using standard grammar and correct spelling, and submitted to Mr. Latman by June 1, 2008.

1) Read: "Bums in the Attic" The House on Mango Street p. 86 and then click on the Bums in the Attic activity and follow all instructions.

2) Create: Using Google Earth find and flag your house and provide the link to me. Then create a series of vignettes (at least 5) that identify people and events on your block or in your neighborhood.

3) Discuss the following thoroughly: How Esperanza's writing both connects and disconnects her from the people and events that occur in her neighborhood.