Poetry: Weeks 26-30

Glossary of Literary Terms.pdf


Figurative Language - Metaphor, Simile, and Hyperbole.doc**

Watch: Forgetfullness by Billy Collins

Respond: Identify 2 memories that the poet says you lose as you get much older.
What is your earliest memory as a child? How old were you and what happened?

The ABCs of Hip Hop

Listen to: homage to my hips by Lucille Clifton.mpeg

Is this poem serious or humorous? Explain your answer.

The Poetry of Rita Dove

Midterm Exam - Figurative Language.doc

Listen to: How Many Loved Your Moments by W.B. Yeats
This file was created at ReadTheWords, a site that has been used for Assistive Technology. The voice that I chose for the poem is a male British voice; there wasn't an Irish voice, so this will have to do.

The 1974 Writers Conference includes readings by City Lights Beat poets: Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, Kenneth Rexroth, Gary Snyder, Michael McClure, Gregory Corso, and Peter Orlovsky.

Read the guidelines for the final assignment, which will evaluate what you have learned during this unit. Students may use old fashioned notebook paper and pen for their manuscript, or they may create a Blogger site and post their work there.

Student Poetry Blogs

Period 1: **Shanice**, **Nolan**, Evelena, Darnetia

Period 2: **Kenneth**, Tyesha, Mary, Iesaha, Tena, Dominique L,

Period 4: Tia, **Breanna**, Tonisha, Twilaa, Braneka, Zjekniesha

Period 5:**Anissa**, **Brenda**, Shanequa, **Josh**, Mariah, Derrick

Period 8: **Danielle**, Jalon, Anton, Jasmine

By using this rubric, each student's poetry manuscript will be evaluated, ten points for each poetic device.